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Opportunity everywhere

The Reece Group is big. And it keeps on growing. In addition to the 15 departments that look after the Reece Group, we have 8 world class businesses that offer 200 different roles. So we do a lot of interesting work. And you can be a part of it.

Driven by innovation

We work across diverse areas. But the thing that ties everything together is our innovative approach - from entering new markets to developing mobile apps or bringing fresh water to underprivileged communities

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Empowering people to help people

The Reece Grant has been operating for more than two years now. In that time we’ve funded projects in seven overseas communities. But we want to do more, so we’re expanding. That’s why we’re expanding to include two new funding areas.

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Smarter way to work

maX is an online management system developed to help Reece trade customers take control their businesses. It allows them to create product lists, order products, invoice and keep track of the ongoing balance.

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Delivering Happiness

The Happiness Project guides customers on their renovation journey. Through inspiration, tools and advice, we delivered the answers to help bathroom renovators create a bathroom they love.

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Hot water you can depend on

The Thermann brand exists to make plumbers’ lives easier by providing a complete integrated hot water service. From innovative product choices and ease of installation, right through to excellent after-sales service, Thermann’s features give our customers the confidence to partner with us.

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