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Striving for greatness
every day

Most organisations say they live by their values. We actually do. We also hire by them and promote by them. They are a major reason why we are such a strong and happy company.
By living our values we are able to achieve our purpose: To improve the lives of our customers and our people by striving for greatness every day.

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Always down
to earth

It’s pretty real at Reece. We keep it that way. Whether you work on the counter in a plumbing store, as a developer in IT, in a huge distribution centre, or as a manager in Finance, our values are the same. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We care for our customers and the people who work alongside us. And we can all do two things at once – work hard and have fun.


The best bits

When we ask our people what’s great about working at Reece, the first answer is ‘the people’.
The second is ‘the opportunities’.

Put yourself in the picture

Our people identify with our values in different ways. Everyone finds their own meaning in each - which helps to guide them in achieving their best.


Own it

The opportunities that Reece can give you are enormous, so just take every opportunity that you can that comes your way, and just go with it.

Megan Pooley
Assistant Manager

Be Humble

I want to be an encouraging team player. It’s important to be there for each other.


big and small

I have to understand what our customers expect, how we can make their lives easier through technology, what software we can provide to them to make their day-to-day jobs easier.

Matthew Nakhla
Reecetech Business Analyst