With hundreds of different roles, a career at Reece can take you far. Here you’ll have incredible opportunities to learn, grow and achieve. Explore an exciting new path today.

Grow as 
a team

Team is the word at Reece. It’s a huge part of who we are and how we work. Our team is not just the people who work alongside us. It’s also our customers, their customers, our suppliers and our community. Whether you work in a branch or an office, you’ll be part of a much bigger team that makes things happen.

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Culture at Reece
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Having a great team that you work with every day really makes your job a lot easier, and a lot happier as well.

Creating brighter

Reece is committed to supporting initiatives in local and international communities, as well as helping apprentices and young Australians gain important vocational skills to benefit their futures.

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What makes
us different

Reece is an Australian icon. You probably know us as Australia's largest supplier of plumbing and bathroom products. We’ve been around for almost 100 years. But that’s just one side of us. We’re a major public company with 5,000 people, close to 600 locations and 8 business lines. We thrive on new ideas and have the courage to make them happen. That means endless opportunities to achieve amazing things.

We grow

We're growing nationally and internationally, which mean lots of opportunity to reach your potential.

We’re out

Our international footprint covers 5000+ employees working in 600 different roles in close to 600 outlets across 8 businesses.

We’ve got
it all

You'll work with hundreds of brands and thousands of products from more than 20 countries.


It's such a great place to work, our employees are even happier than Google's*
*Employee NPS is 66

Become part of our talent community

Let's keep in touch. Reece is a community in lots of ways – our team, our customers, the cities and towns we work in. We have a talent community, too. People who might want to work with us one day. We'll let you know about opportunities and keep you up to date.

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Find your
own path

With so many businesses, locations and roles, you can go anywhere. But it’s attitude that makes the difference. Ours and yours. We believe in giving people a go and helping them learn, grow and achieve. So it’s not just one path, it’s many.

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If you put your hand up they're more than happy to give you responsibility, and it's easy to prove yourself and go forward from there.

Matthew Nakhla